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The Signs Are Given

Where is the love?
The hate is always there
Giving signs
Like, "Oh beware"
I have sense
I know there's no care
Just there only to share
Too many signs
Overtaken by guilt
Trying to be all slick
I pray for the hurts
Treated like dirt
I forgive, for I shall live.

No matter what the situation 
Time passes by
Leave or stay
The relationships a lie.

I am free
Gone to another phase
Do you believe that I'm in a daze?
Think again, Don't be amazed
On my own
For I will be gone.

Not looking back
untraceable tracks
All of the miserable attacks
Just unknown paybacks
From the past held in
To be mended
Trying to destroy me
Won't work, now I see.

Cannot wait until this journey ends
Running fast from the Lion's den
A new life begins 
To better days
Not here to stay
Thanking God I'm on my way.

The Signs are given in so many ways
every day, I must always pray.

Copyright © Ms. Catherine J.