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Unconditional Love

I’m a white redneck poet, who hails from the North
Many of you know me and the morals I bring forth
I may not look friendly or dress all that nice
But if you come to my door hungry, you’ll get my last slice

I love the outdoors, I love to have fun and fish
I’ll never judge your sexual orientation or how you chose to dish
I have two perfect sons who shine in any crowd
One is gay and one is straight, and they both make me quite proud

Whether you are black or white, transgender, gay or straight
I will respect and love you unconditionally and never berate
I love my dogs, my boys, my guns and my wife
If you bring harm to any one of them, you’ll be risking your way of life

God made us all in his image, no afterthought
There is only love in his heart, hate there is not
He is all knowing and perfect, he makes no mistakes
He created each one of us, and none are fakes

Copyright © Mark Koplin