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Set Ya Back

Tappin' kegs
Tappin' a. double snakes 
Tunes that git yer toes tappin' 
Still git lucky even missin' petal
off four clover leaf
Au contraire to unpopular belief
This ol' dog only be lappin' 
not really rappin' 
Shellin' out more clams fer missin' teeth
Oral fixation on that ol' glass dick'll 
take ya down real quick
with that rock cocaine crack
Yeah all thangs that'll really set ya back

Chartin' course
Chartin' remorse
Paper map in glove box should be
yer GPS's back up source fer chartin'
The enemy thinks I'm banished 
to the valley but I'm just goin' through!
So in essence I'll only be startin' 
Ascension to Zion flanked by Him
Faithful and True
Power to stomp on serpents 
n' scorpions n' all spirits foul
But the enemy keeps returnin' 
never succumbin' to tossin' in the towel
Just when you think you're finally makin'
progress on yer journey
the flare're ignited n' strategically 
set down 
then 'long comes the meatwagon
with an all too ready gurney 
Ya could be nibblin' greens
lookin' all lean er stuffin' yer gord 
e'ry day with a Big Mac
either way seems headin' t'wards
a heart attack
Won't make a diff which way
into the wind ya spit
when the main pump's up n' quit 
Yup all thangs that'll really set ya back

So ya build yer silos n' save yer grain
Yer all stoked strokin' yerself
sayin' boy ya sho' got a lotta game
Doesn't take a Sherlock to tell
there's been a fox in the coop
Yet there's somethin' that'll 
really throw ya fer a loop
when we git the inside scoop
n' discover what's oh so true
that this very evening yer soul'll 
be required of you
Whether you're a pin striped monkey
callin' the shots from yer immaculately 
adorned glass tower
er a meth induced tweaker
er barely maintainin' junkie SW
workin' the track
Y'all really gonna lose yer traction
when the shadow monger rolls up
with his tools fer soul extraction 
Regardless of yer station in life
er if ya never go under the knife
Needfull to say either way
it's sho' gonna set ya back.
5-11-2019 Duncan R.M. Ferguson 

Copyright © Duncan R. M. Ferguson