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Our souls have met like this before...
It is a familiar embrace of warm belonging
Our hands fold together 
Like a prophecy coming to pass
Like the moon completing its dance
Accepting the smiling sun...

I kiss away your heartache 
You kiss away my fears
Trusting what love we create
In every web we complete
Shiny dew to show that it is new 
From the graves of adversity
We rise as one
We kiss as one 
Laughing away the day
Loving away the night

Welcoming more rain to caress our souls again
I shall never hold anyone as I hold you
Your warm body melts into my surety 
Crushing away doubts and sorrows
We know that there is before us
A new road to wander
Another kiss to anticipate
More lives to live
More places to call our own

Because there is always somewhere
When that somewhere is with you
When that somewhere surpasses home
And returns like the dew

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal