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 It has been a long journey 
Through life to find you
Your path meeting mine
I want you to know these words  
Of a most special kind      
They have been traveling with me
On my quest to find you
At the crossroads of choice 
For life is full of them

I see you as my equal
My friend my life long partner 
I love you just as you are right now
Because You're so wonderfully me 
And your inner beauty
That empowers me to see
Your blossoming spirit and inner soul 
That is uniquely yours

I am always waiting for you
To release it upon me
That free spirit flowing and growing
With joy and splendor of a love 
You share so willingly
You're my music of life
Giving off a symphony of feelings
And passion of the most amazing kind

Which instills in me the truth
Of everlasting love
That creates strength 
And bonds us together
For eternity in life and love 
That is sacred, to the both of us
Now that our spirits 
And souls have touched
We are both prepared
For all of our tomorrows    

Copyright © jack cooper