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Two Young Boys

Two young boys read about gold and adventure,
this started a life long obsession.
The years went by,
school-jobs and a business to buy.
Gold and adventure would fill their soul,
now these young boys have turned into men of old.
Still looking for that one huge load,
they went to an island in a far off land.
Many have died here but the story says one more to go,
then the treasure and adventure will be done.
Could this all be just plain fork lore or maybe it is all gone,
what year will finish this story-what year will finish this adventure.
Two young boys still wanting to find the gold and adventure,
still not ready to give up.
Date Written: 2/28/2021
1 Place
Note: My write is about a true sorry that is still going on to this day.
"Vanishing" old or new for a prize Contest Judged: 3/1/2021
Sponsored by:Carolyn Devonshire

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