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A Love That was a Lie

The love I have for her 
Is stronger than I have ever felt before
It started off as a friendship
We became attached at the hip

She became the woman I always looked for
And a whole lot more
We were separate for two weeks
Our feelings we began to seek

There were no label just friends
But realized it was stronger than that towards the end
Now we are one, and happy as can be
And she doesn’t make me want to flee. 

She holds me tight
And we hardly ever fight
These feelings in my heart
Sometimes I can’t explain, it’s hard to pull them apart

They are the best feelings I ever felt
The perfect hand I have been dealt
My heart is full and complete
I am so lucky that we did meet

You brighten up my day with just a smile
And my face stays lit up for awhile
It’s like it can never be any different ever again.
I am happier than I have ever been

Her touch, her smile, her smell her kiss
Her hair, her hugs and loves when I am gone I dearly miss
Baby you are my love forever and more
I know if we ever split I will be permanently sore. 

Copyright © Erica Berg