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Fragile Stems

The fragile stems that were 
unnoticed, broke out from the underground
found their way to the earth surface
and smiled to sun for the first time 
They were embracing the warmth of it.
Their inside out showed bellies of
cream yellow colour in their stems.

looking closely, these plants are full of energy and then
they look at the future with no uncertainty.
One can say they are alive, strong,warm, soft and good.

A Creator knows them.

People saw this event and
they had paid attention to small scientific details.
Scientist asked questions like
how could this happen,
people were unconscious of.

unconsciously a plant growth can crack solid gravel,
How can Soft stem goes up despite that the earth's crust is course and solid?
these questions industrial people 
never want to think of,
they said
how can these help you to rise, 
and how can thee think of this,
is this for educated elite to think of?
because it what the Maslow hierarchy said?
'never shall be self actualization without first having butter and a bread'

what i know about this plant growth
it is a 
Astonishing sight.
This is powerful works of God.

fragile stems oh fragile plants
when i stand there i see them,
and from outside the Atmosphere 
through the satellite view images
i see them
as green carpet of this Earth
i see you mostly the partly the Green marble,
i see myself so small 
to your works,
Green plants oh green leaves with
pure aroma.

these what they contribute 
to sustainable community development,
the imperative
of human and animals!

Copyright © Sifundo Khanyile