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Life's Struggles

Life's Struggles

"For only in imbalances we feel
             the balance that keeps life on even keel."
                                                      -by Poet

Each life can offer hurdles, somewhat hard to solve-
filled with imbalances that rock the soul and heart.
The pleasures versus struggles battle to resolve
a peacefulness that governs when ordeals depart.

For what is joy without its contrast with despair?
No tides would push and pull devoid of ebb and flow.
The earth would die with sun alone - no rain affair.
Sans darkest night, no day could wake to renewed glow.

Life's struggles shape realities of what is peace; 
must strive to overcome each dire adversity.
Combating, pushing to adjust, new joys increase
to help forget- accept new-found diversity.

Life struggles create stormy days that come and go;
               with hopeful perseverance- sunny ones follow.

March 5, 2021

Contest: Life's Struggles
Sponsor: Constance La France

Sonnet, written in Iambic Hexameter
12 syllables, 6 feet per line

Copyright © Sandra Haight