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Our Lovely Dog Snickers

Our Lovely Dog Snickers

I was directed today,
To a brand new web site.
It’s all about pets,
And some of their plights.

It got me to thinking,
Of a dog we once had.
She was part of the family;
I felt more like her dad.

When I was at work,
One thing I knew sure.
She was waiting for me,
Her heart was so pure.
When she knew it was time
For me to get home.
She’d wait by the door,
With a toy or a bone.

She’d have a smile on her face,
Her tail would be wagging.
Her affection for me
Never seemed lagging.
If I said, so she’d hear,
“I’m taken’ the truck.”
She always got excited;
She hoped she’s in luck.

If I went for a walk,
She was right by the door.
Looking at me,
With her leash on the floor.

Oh she was a shedder,
A hair-growing machine.
Our house always needed
A thorough vacuuming.

When it came time for bed,
She would stand at her cage.
She knew the routine,
was as smart as a sage.

Some time a while back,
I read of two men.
Who were speaking of Heaven,
But of course hadn’t been.

One fellow wondered,
Would they barbecue there?
Will they melt down smores?
Could the steaks be grilled rare?
Will they use charcoal briquettes?
Or does propane heat the air?
Would there be a choice of soft drinks
Or is it just water there?
Will the biscuits be golden?
Would they there use some leaven.
They were so filled with queries,
About life then in heaven.

Well one of the questions
I would ask of those two.
Will my Snickers be there?
On my slippers to chew?

Will Heaven be heaven?
If that really ain’t so.
Is it finally the place
Where I’ll want to go?

Is she still as anxious,
To run in the clouds?
Or are things there so different,
With men in white shrouds?

I’ll not forget how it ended.
Then came the conclusion.
Perfection in heaven
Is no foggy illusion.
For as my dog had her favorites,
Chew toys and a chair.
She’ll be as happy as ever
When her master gets there.

That seems now so clear,
That’s settled for me.
I have hope and joy,
As the end now will be.

If when at the gate,
I don’t my little dog see.
I’ll know I’m in heaven,
For my Master will be.

Written by oldbuck, after an afternoon of
Thinking about his little Snickers
And their possible “future” together.

Copyright © Old buck