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A Quiet Fury

A quiet fury gathered on horizon’s distant side,
its merciless intensity was destined to collide
with mighty wooden entities, their roots so deeply bound
all huddled in a canopy intent to hold their ground.

This timbered crown held steady as it fought the tempest thrust.
Some were felled before the flogging, others stood the gust.
Malevolent gray shadows rolled and tumbled in the toil
as ominous dark nimbostratus stewed within the boil.

The sky ripped open wide releasing terrifying might
as spears of razor lightning were unleashed into the night.
One bolt was hurled from heaven and it found its mark below.
Within the silent forest stood one massive tree aglow.

Barbs of fire had pierced its trunk and blew the shards of bark
into arrays of shrapnel as it ripped its limbs apart.
Then torrent rains began to pour upon its wooden frame
to calm this rage sent from above, extinguishing the flame.

The mighty winds have faded to a whisper once again.
The Sun returns its solace as it beams across the land.
The silent calm of morning is restored by breaking dawn.
For now, this quiet fury from the Heavens has withdrawn.

Copyright © Mark Massey