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In early morning when I rise
Through my window in twilight skies
A lilac sky begins from gray
Decending from our milky way.

When Sol awakens, shows his face;
Delivers magic with his grace
In colors borne from rainbow hues,
My eyes are filled with stunning views.

With trembling hands I hold my tea
In breathless wonders that I see
As blues arayed from dark to light
Relinquish stars in morning bright 

As golden fingers touch the land
I feel the power of God's hand
Embrace my shoulders and my hair
And feel the freshness in dawn's air.

I wait until sweet tangerine
Of tempered eye cannot be seen
Hidden behind the cloudy clime
With thoughts of colors so sublime.

As I begin my busy day
I first reserve some time to pray
In gratude of our dear earth
In viewing dawn's glorious birth.


Dusk or Dawn (New Poems only) Contest
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Copyright © Connie Marcum Wong