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A Second Chance at True Love

He stole my heart in a youth too young to realize
that a future of love was right before my eyes. 
He wanted forever, I felt I needed more liberation,
but little did I know he was the reason for my creation. 
So I gave back the ring and settled far out west,
searching for myself somewhere; my life’s greatest test. 

Months went by and happiness never called my name. 
For I was so lonely and my life just not the same.
Without his arms to hold me at night with ease
was the most difficult thing, so I fell to my knees. 
“God, what did I do? Did I make the biggest mistake?”
So I prayed and pondered and a great chance I did take.

I flew out east on a weekend hoping he’d still be alone. 
It was the hardest thing for my hand to pick up the phone. 
Nervous with anxiety was I in that very moment,
was he ready to forgive me and give me atonement?
“Hello, how are you doing? I’m home for awhile.”
He said, “can I see you baby?”, I knew he said it with a smile. 

That night I bought a gold ring, for my love I was to confess. 
I prayed with all my might hoping my soulmate would say yes. 
It was June 23, 2001 when I gave him one single yellow rose, 
read a poem written from the heart, marriage I did propose. 
He cried and so did I, “YES! I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART.”
That was my absolute second chance given from his heart. 

Over sixteen years of marriage we have lived with devotion,
yes, we've had hardships, but years filled with emotion. 
Created a daughter named Ella Rose to only call our own.
I’m so grateful I had the nerve to pick up that phone. 
We will renew our vows when we celebrate twenty years,
I know that day will be filled with joy and happy tears. 

A fairytale romance we share, and we are so in love-
my second chance was a miracle bestowed from God above.

*True story about how I proposed to my wonderful hubby*

Second Chances Poetry Contest
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January 19, 2019

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