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Trials of Jake

Jake was a sweet little boy; sad his mother died when he was two.
He watched for her every night for a month or so.
Daddy remarried a few years later, and this lady became “Mommy”.
Jake was glad to have one, and quickly forgot his first one.
A loss but life went on, and he smiled again. 

At the age of seven, they lost their home to bankruptcy,
Which meant Jake’s big yard was gone, which was a little sad. 
The worst part was losing his pets, especially his Collie, Cali. 
The landlord at his apartment specified no pets.  
A loss but life went on, and he smiled again.

Tom, his best friend in sixth grade was a super guy, a great pal!
They were together so often that people asked if they were brothers.
His honorary brother died a slow, lingering horrible death of bone cancer.
He passed on Jake’s thirteenth birthday.  
He did not know if he would ever smile again.

Jake met Norla when he was in his mid-twenties.  She was seventeen.
Too young to look at or feel about the way he did. He tried to ignore her.
He ignored her for a year, and then they began dating.
“You are the most positive upbeat person I have ever met,” she told him.
“You must have had an easy life.”  Her green eyes twinkled with promises.
He did not reveal how easy it had been. Not wanting to scare his new bride.

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger