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Winter P's and Q's

Winter P’s and Q’s 

Poised in the alluring perfume
Of dawn’s first light,
Robed in views of new unbroken snows,
Like winter’s penance of poise,
Palms of Spanish Dagger with steel blue spikes 
Send up quick questions in quaint quandary
To threatening platinum skies
Of their intentions to quiver in a repeat rondeau
With the poise of a midwinter minuet
By sending snowflakes to cover the harbor quay,
The gaudy gallery of empty tree limbs
And haunting gnomes of frozen fences posts
To fill the space around their round hearts
Then leave their empty arms entreating the cold sky
Now wearing new identities as porcupine snowballs! 

Based on seeing spikey plants in a snowstorm.
Eight words used:
platinum, penance, poise, perfume
quay, quiver, quandary, quaint

Contest: Mind Your P’s and Q’s
Sponsor: Michelle Faulkner

Copyright © Sam Kauffman