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We Put The Wrong Son Up For Adoption

My son is a thief and a drug user.
I'm not lying when I say he's a loser.
It's too much for my wife and I to bear.
He's addicted to Meth and he's on welfare.
When my wife had twins, we chose the wrong option.
We put the wrong son up for adoption 
Our other son owns Starbucks and he's a billionaire.
He's not a loser like our other son who is on welfare.
When I told him that I'm his biological father, he kicked me below the belt.
It really hurt when I was kicked down there, you don't want to know how it felt.
I didn't know that a son would actually do that to  his own dad.
He's furious because we put him up for adoption, he's really mad.
When I introduced myself, I didn't help matters when I asked for a million bucks.
He ripped off my toupee and people started laughing at my bald head, that sucked.
I got kicked in the crotch and now everybody knows that I'm bald.
If you ever have twins, don't give up the wrong one or you might also be appalled.

Copyright © randy johnson