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Kig an Sor

Whadidit usay?
A ale too far to sail on mar?
Ne’er too far for tha ner keday
And some kin jin us mestarar.

Neh join us there wit min an sord
to take dai in ur hansom handen.
We kanno come that way wid not a bord,
ni morro com Kig an Sor tostanden!

E kin waifor in borg till then.
Nolanger tha needle wai for us,
but canno wee morro on borofin
widot de somulin garolus.

So wesaled wid to foreston
ner de magar to forstallin.
Kig an Sor tostand wid sorrontom,
an nofor ken a pistollin!

Copyright © Linda Alice Fowler