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~If I were President- I'd have ALL political houses term limits Stop voting Congress/Senate pay raises have minimum wage rise yearly by 25 cents If I were President- There'd be mandated recycling with pay a non-changing Moral Code true protection under the law You wouldn't be doubled-tax You wouldn't be shot while stopped, walking, while being non White? If I were President- You wouldn't be homeless, hungry, have not Or detained because you weren't birth here If I were President I would make sure We would strive for a cure If I were President- To clean up our air money isn't everything Payment in kind paying all debts in fine Join in community, spiritual, agape love Truth in speech for everyone No, REALLY Bring back We All community and family raise and teach our children Open and honestly and instead of 4 to 8 years as President Ill make it only a max of 4 years tops
No, REALLY- if I were President --- 2/22/21 If I Was President Poetry Contest Sponsored by: Matt Caliri

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