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Short weekends and long weekdays
School’s out then it’s onto résumés and workdays
Mondays dragging on through to Fridays
Long commutes on highways, subways and tramways 
Toiling for okays, some praise and hopefully a raise

Soirees and negligees for Saturdays
Aspiring to bouquets so enchanting in a vase
Before you know it’s on for matinees on Sundays
Enjoying soufflés, sorbets, sundaes and parfaits         
Eyeing the calendar for paydays 
As well as birthdays, holidays and getaways

But nowadays, as retirees, we have our days
And often we just graze in haze almost a daze    
Where Tuesdays look no different than Thursdays
To paraphrase it’s our final phase when interplays
In many ways the sweet nostalgia of yesterdays

March, 2018

Copyright © Line Gauthier