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Good Bye

I wiped the dust from its aged unveiling
From a secreted place where it had been carefully placed
It seemed inconsequential in its merit or value
But I opened to find a priceless, silent, narration of love

A wearied ring with a small, flawed single diamond
She had worn during 25 years of a tested marriage
A picture of her five brothers fishing together when they were young
A locket with a missing picture that her mother had given her as a child
A small copper penny that was used for wishing
Dog tags belonging to her runaway, never to return dog pal Rudy
A crushed dried flower with red bow from her high school prom
A note from someone named Tom that said "I love you" inside a heart
Her father's retirement watch for 33 years of service to the railroad
My deceased brother's Cub Scout patch along with his funeral program
Ticket stubs to the Empire State Building
An ocean treasured seashell bracelet made with string and care
A locket of my hair when I was a baby enveloped with her note:

"Small treasures that mean so much in one's life
Will now mean so much to those that find them.
I Love You Always, Mom"

October 15, 2019
My Favorite Junkyard Poetry Contest
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