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last night's moments without TV

74 years now my father is
In leisure time, always praying and staying at home
Pleasing conversation with the life partner
Whose age is also 64
The ebb of life, connection to the supreme being in mind

Yesterday was Vijaya Dashami of the Hindu community,
The last praising carols around with musical hymns
Huge organized for immersion of the Durga Idol 

No, at this age, my father has just a retired mind
Retirement arms, legs, body
Sitting on the sofa
Watching TV after evening prayers
He was traveling from this channel to that channel
calling my mother, He was showing the idol relinquishment 
And he said- has it any meaning
Whom I worshiped-adored, I have abandoned Her again!

Suddenly the parents stopped talking, the TV turned off at 6.30 pm
The niece came and told - the grandfather had said that the picture tube was damaged,
I will not be able to watch the IPL game at night!

Moments without TV it seems to be very annoying
The world seems to be dead
There is no noise anywhere
The drama of life seems to have stopped along with the dramas of the TV serial
The cheeriness of the cheers girls also seemed to take away that picture tube

It is unknown that from when the virtual colorful world became the friend of this family
But there is no doubt that last night's moments without TV were a sad life of prison cell

27.10.2020 Chattogram