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Set Sail in my Camper Van

Set Sail in my Camper Van

This is it, this is the one,
This is my master plan,
When all the world is sleeping,
I set sail in my camper van.

My journey may take me east,
My journey may take me west,
An adventure to almost anywhere,
Stopping at places I like best.

Wondrous stories shall I recall,
Wondrous stories far and wide.
Discovering the joys of Earth,
Valleys, mountains, seaside.

Time shall appear to stand still,
Time should at least slow down.
No manic confusion rushing about,
Tranquil and calm from city to town.

Pace my life on an open road,
Pace my life, no deadlines to meet.
Eyes wide open framing a scene,
Life’s enrichment under my feet.

Perhaps it’s only a pipedream,
Perhaps a project too far,
But wouldn’t it be fantastic,
and quite honestly, is it so bizarre.

Why not come along for the ride?
Why not embrace my master plan?
Let’s throw away those shackles,
As we set sail in my camper van.

Written 14/10/18

Copyright © Kevin Shaw