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Now I Get It

I usually spend my summer vacation outside, all day long,
Enjoying the flowers, the bushes, the trees, and the birds that I have planted and or fed.
I should be congratulating myself for cleaning out the garage,
But I am too worn out from the humidity to move.  All I want is air conditioning, and the TV.

My school system does not have a mandatory retirement age.
Good thing, as I intend to go out at age 92, feet first, in a body bag.
This summer vacation junk is killing me.
It simply is not the kind of fun I am used to.
Not good enough for the likes of me.
Not likeable at all after the first
Two weeks, which means
I have six weeks of ugh.

When I was younger, I laughed when
I heard about the eighty-nine year old
Kindergarten teacher who got mad
And quit when they re-assigned her
To sixth grade.  They had been trying
To get her to retire for twenty years.
She had taught kindergarten for
Sixty-seven years.

Now I get it.

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger