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As the second hand ticks away my breaths
a half-clad moon catches my eye.
Was a time when I might've seen
the ghost of half-eaten melon,
but I'm older now, my thoughts less spry.
Dark fear's hobgoblins
were long since relegated
to memory's chuckle drawer;
open windows to warm nights ease my mind.

I must shave and write.

Neither seem as pressing
as the once hormone-inducing prance
in distant starlight,
the hot exhalations of desert air.
Nor do creased page corners
to detective thrillers and t.v.'s prattle
beckon hours with purpose.
I'm the insouciant sentry
at castles in retirement,
the dragon minus annoying fire.
Crows no longer pick eyes of the dead
in picture frames on paneled walls.
My shoes don't guardedly tread 
engineered woods of perfection. 
Aging brings a basset hound,
graying around the nose,
laying placidly on the rug.

I'll get to tasks eventually.
For now I commune with the moon,
allowing my mind the idyll 
of a worn desk in a cluttered room
and the dulcet laze in lyrics of night birds 
serenading summer's first hours.

Copyright © Dale Gregory Cozart