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Father nd Father my Child

Oh sweet child of mine

Father n'd Father

I'm so glad i never came

Because knowing me
full well i'm a flake 

And would probably only end
up being want away

At the 1st sign of when the
going got remotely tough

So better not

I never got or was afforded
the opportunity

Of becoming a Father

As no child deserves that

To be forced into being

Through no fault or choice
by them

Into being and playing the part
of a parent to a child

And in so doing 

Sacrificing one's own childhood

Sometimes life takes and makes
the most difficult decision out
of our hands

And we get what we deserve

But then again

How come the same thing
can't be said

For the far lest rest unfortunate
other children

Who are made to wish 

Who have parents

Are made to feel they are
not the most cherished gift
of all

But rather wish they we're 
never born

By the very people who through
no choice of their own

Gave birth to them in 
the 1st place

No bad children

Unless they are dragged up
and have no 

Loving parents to raise and 
guide them correctly

And set them on the right path 

Copyright © Christopher Flaherty