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T’was love that strengthened unity,
How compassionate you were.
If in doubt you helped figured out…
Through questions you did stir.

Though I hid my feelings well;
Others did not see.
I could not hide from which was tied;
You always saw mere me.

Loneliness- what is that?
When angels you did send.
Am truely blessed with guidance shared,
You always were my friend.

It is the greatest pleasure,
An honour to receive.
Though others may not comprehend,
It’s you that I believe.

I understand what you do-
For greater your uplifting
Thank you for the path I ran and 
Where you stopped me drifting.

Wrap me in your loving arms,
Humility prevails.
Resting me for destiny where
Love it never fails

Here I try to also mend;
With petty type of notes
Patience at times can be tough
When you I seek you close

For everyone you send me
I know are kind and true
So here I call I love them all
But mostly I love you.

Copyright © Paris-Maree Boreham