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Cloud- A Song in Hindi with Song Lines in English

An instant Hindi Song with its English Version for Poetry Soup friends.

Hindi Lines in Roman English

"yoon to roj, baadal
bahut se aate hain
kabhee ud kar ye
kabhee yu heen chale jaate hain
kabhee barasate hain
saghan megh ban, kar ye
kabhee rang aur khusaboo se,
bikhar jaate hain. 
Simate hote hain, inamen
teree bheenee see khusaboo ke
suhaane jhonke bhee
jo havaon ko bhee,
is fiza kee
mahaka jaate hain
par aate hain jab bhee
ye suhaane baadal
meree aankhon ko
nam karake jaate hain."

Song Lines in English

Every day, these clouds come and
They come in abundance,
Sometimes, they come flying and
they just go away,
Sometimes these clouds come
to shower their heavy rains,
But sometimes they spread only
Their fragrance and colours. 

These clouds also contains
The gushes of your sweet pleasing fragrance,
Which diffuse the entire atmosphere
By the beauty of that mild aroma,
Which hangs everywhere.

These beautiful clouds come
They fill my eyes
With some tears also.
Ravindra K Kapoor
14th Oct. 2019

This Instant song was written on 12th Oct, 2019 inspired by a colorful cloud photo I saw in face book.
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Copyright © Ravindra K Kapoor