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To My Dad, on Father's Day

Dad- Father's PDay

When I first started school, we
went to the store to buy pencils
and such.
These were days when stores were 
very small,  and a customer meant 
so very much.
The shiny gold pencils stood proudly 
were in a tall glass jar.
So shiny with luminous green bands.
Just waiting for the touch of a little girl's 

Things were wonderfully personal
back then.
Loose leaf paper was not jammed
in hard plastic cases like now.
And I could smell fresh boxes of
crayolas wafting throughout the store.
This is all touching to recall.

Best of all Dad, just you and I!
No long lines with huge baskets
waiting to buy.
You chatted with the owner, as
you, yourself, had a store, too.
I stood there with brown braids.
Licking an ice cream cone and
waiting for my paper and pencils 
in a nice, brown paper bag.
So very proud, you were my

We walked home on clean, safe
Filled with large trees.
A VFW on the corner.
How many children know what
that is?
Flags in windows with stars!
Of those whose children were
off in other countries, fighting
for us during the War.

Happy Fathers Day to my Dad
and all Fathers, everywhere!

Love, Panagiota
June 16, 2019
12:30pm PST

Copyright © Panagiota Romios