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Can you give us another try? I miss you.
Only you can soothe my aching heart.
My mind is searching for peace; I'm so blue,
I long to see your face; let's make a new start.
Nothing felt like home until you; you're my center.
Give me the chance to win your heart again.

Baby, you're so kind; you were a good mentor,
Always so positive, you uplift and don't drain.
Can you imagine our happy ending, my love?
Keep the front porch light on; I'm almost there.

Honey, we fit together like hand and glove,
October would've been two years; you're my air.
My fear caused me to run; absence is not fun,
Each second apart hurts, because you're the one.

Contest: Coming Back Home
Sponsor: John Hamilton 

Copyright © Alexis Y.