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Maybe the cosmos is a fairytale, made believed by old disciples
Lullaby sung to Jews and Chile till it became their reality 

The shimmer of dawn, drip into the dark grave
Of a lonely night
And again I could see another light

Webs coiled around my rings
My heart jump out of steps 
When I saw my dark skeleton
In a white casket of gold embroidery 

I dribble and drabble with a wrinkle beside my eyes
This must be heaven
From the smallest titi to the biggest rafflesia,  sparkles

Even the frozen flowers are assembled in order
They throw their wings to the air
When touched by the colourful butterfly
And back in order with the passing of the wind

Along a flowered meadow
In front of a huge mirror 
A ray of light Pierce through me
And I could see the beauty of the world 

Copyright © Ojingiri Hannah