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Today I loose my virginity

Today I loose my virginity 

My friends teasing me please express the tune of your romance. 

I grin on them with a smile okay dear laugh 

I am nervous that is she Amaze with the arangment what in that point I am thought fully playing holding little finger game by self.... 

Suddenly a aroma of loban sniff into my nose her hair braided by it she closed my eyes and gave me a peck on to my forehead 

Her wrist felt like a melted chocolate with golden butter that with a closed eyes slowly when I open I looked at her 

Means of flowers twinkly near the sea tides her neck piece of black pearl give the darkness of shade at day 

She wants me to express I hug her feet on my foot so in  her eyes I can say that 

I love you 

With love all
 MRI Jagdish Bajantri ETD

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