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Girl with Cancer

She was sick, but you would never know it.
She liked her nurses, they were slim and fit.
She rarely complained. Her name was Bonnie Proctor. 
She enjoyed her friends, they shared the same doctor. 

What is your super power? A head doctor asked her one day.
She had not thought of it until then, so what could she say?
Your super power is your strength, her mother suggested.
The nurse came by for blood, so she could get it tested.

Your super power is your smile, her grandma added.
There were three visitors that day. One came padded.
He had coloring books, markers, paints and other stuff.
He was her cousin Louie, who sometimes acted gruff.

She went to bed that evening dreaming of super powers.
Hers was flying, and she saw herself in a field of flowers.
She saw Jesus and gave him a friendly happy wave. 
Keeping her super power to herself, this soldier so brave.

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger