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God really does answer prayer

When my yearly nurse from United Healthcare exam-ed my legs she informed me." I have been cured of Lymphedema, but it could come back again at any time."

Each time she mentioned how did I get healed? "I would reply God healed me."

Thus she would always answer me, "God is not an option."

"And I would always answer back. "Well He is to me."

She confesses to being a fellow Christian as well! And we faithfully promised to pray for each other and our families! 

I was cured of Calcification of my left breast, the last time I had a mammogram. Before I was healed I was informed that my calcification could lead to cancer in my left breast. I would always reiterate that was not going to happen to me! I firmly believed that God would heal me!

When I first sat down on my chair, I told the fireman that,"I prayed to God
that I would receive the Johnson and Johnson shot because I heard it was more effective than the other two on dealing with variants.  The South American COVID-19 was very common."  

"He said,"Roxanne your prayer was answered." I informed people that when I prayed for myself it was my way of praying for them as well." "They replied we know Roxanne you are always praying for us!

When I had my Johnson and Johnson COVID-19, administered on March 24, 2021, by the Everett Fire Department. The fireman who gave me the shot asks me if I was through moving around.  When he sees me putting toilet paper inside of mouth; he always wondered what it was all about. And now he knew it had to do with needles and the shot. 

I told him he was right, and when he asked me if I felt the shot, i told him no.  When I started to leave our Community room (formerly our Social room) 

He said, "Roxanne you come back in here. You have to wait fifteen minutes 
before you leave the room."  

I spent the entire fifteen minutes talking to my friends Greg and Kathy. Fifteen minutes later we were allowed to leave the room. I saw a line waiting to get in while I was leaving. They wanted to know if the shot hurt and I told them no I didn't feel a thing. And all of them thanked me for it!   

Two Sundays ago I told my Cathletic Community Home care worker that my blood sugar was very high! She called her supervisor and she told my worker to call 911. I used my Life Protect device and she heard and she believed me. The paramedics wanted me to go to the hospital, but I told them no. My diabetic pills did lower my blood sugar.

Roxanne Lea Dubarry
Roxy Lea 1954/209
April 12, 2021

Copyright © Roxanne Dubarry