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The bright light, plentiful mirrors
seemed more numerous here.
Miriam wondered whether music lessons
were part of her remuneration.
She thought of people,
the very first time she had played a duet-
a little running melody.. her own
part,  a page of minims.

She heard nothing but her hard
 loud minims to the end.
Someone said she had a nice firm touch

The piano should always remember the blue remark-
the piano had been unrecognizable,
she had learnt her pieces by heart
..alternately the notes, almost soundlessly.

At musicale evenings,
 as winter had sung afresh the effects
 she could not discover 
the secret of the notes.

Suzanne Delaney

Found Poem
from Pointed Roofs
 by Dorothy Miller Richardson

Copyright © Suzanne Delaney



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