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Too Square For Two

you ... are the paramour of right angles
the square of a square - complete, debonair
how two must adore you
for all it sees is itself, reflected
a cornered fist - quite the narcissist
and the first number, sublime, that is NOT a prime
you move with order ... perfection
enclosed, at the helm of a harmonious realm
antithesis and balance and the cornered circuit
you are numbered of the elements
the seasons cycle your breath
and what would a deck of cards do without your suits to wear?
how lost the world would be without you
to show us direction - to section the areas of space ...
to sing to us in the voice of violins
to carry us safely to our joys, spinning beneath our seats
to give motion, food and escape to the creatures
features of the gospels and horsemen, dark
hark - even the chambers of the heart ...
thrum for your sake and coordination
you are safety and symmetry
precision and enclosure - e'en the wind knows
your order and actuality - factual, see ...
is it any wonder, number ... that you are my favorite?

Written and submitted on February 28, 2020
For the "What's In A Number" Poetry Contest
Juliet Ligon, Sponsor.

Copyright © Gregory R Barden