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Drink More Tea - Part 1

Then one day you ask Alice
And she whispers in your ear
There’s a special place built just for you
To misplace all your pain and fear
There’s a hole unlike any other
Infinitely deep
Some things in there will awaken you 
While others makes you sleep
Although the order may appear
Unnatural at first
I assure a little bad is good
But too much good is worst
This place is where the universe’s secrets 
Are kept inside a jar
Where atheists can talk to god
If one dare go that far
Where white rabbits turn to dragons 
The further you go in
Where small and tall chase them both 
Until they’re childlike again
Where fun and games run amok
Alongside magic and alchemy
Brilliance and creativity intertwine
To live in harmony
Where empaths are sympathetic
But carry open arms
Where wants and needs melt away
Replaced with Fabergé charms
The perfect place to self reflect
Travel deep into who you are
A university of self respect
If you can to reach the bar
An outer space inside yourself
Devoid of gravity
Where up is down and left is right
And you eventually becomes me
Where math and physics mean nothing 
Except for paper and scales 
Anxieties are stripped away
Co-experiencing chasing tales
Where everyone is equal
Ultimate freedoms known
Angelic faces slither toward you
So that you’re never alone
A place where all are welcome
Unlocked doors that always chime
And it can last up to forever
Because you control the time
If you get lost don’t be afraid
Because I got a guy
At first he was a hat maker
Now his parties teach those to fly
If you choose to let him guide you
He’ll take you on a trip
A magical tea he’ll brew for you
So go on and take a sip
You’ll see a closed eyed kumpel
Appearing grateful to be dead
A dormouse leans and whispers
“Go on, feed your head”

Continued... See Part 2.

Copyright © Alexander Hayward