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A ballad for a lost soul

How can such a pure soul as yours be torn between two vastly different worlds?
It is no wonder that you are so withdrawn from me

Oh, the honour of those days in your company
Oh, the beauty that oozed from you
Oh, the songs you had sang without needing part your lips

Now is none
Now is death
But why, At such a time like this?
One can only imagine the sadness in which you exude.
Why is it now, that I am able to hear the torment and sadness behind your silence?
How could I have not heard it then?

Oh! I only dare to break the porcelain skin that covers your glassy eyes 
So that I too may see your truth

Has she sunk you under further,
And granted me the duty of freeing you from such torture?
I shall wait for you once more, as you had done for me time and time again
Still, I am afraid- that she will slash through your soul like one none the wiser
And force you to bare your secrets unto an unworthy opponent.

You my dear sister, are my soulmate
Compared to those who yearn for my respect 
Though they strive to keep their dignity present
You time and time again, give yours up freely to a lowly soul as mine
I wonder if it offends you, to know that I- a peasant could ever be in the presence of you
A holy flower 

You were sent from the heavens
Where you are guarded by those of pure intent
And I? 
How can I possibly stand beside you?
For I know that my truth emits a foul smell, that even those who wonder the land of the desperate cannot bare
They are ashamed to be in the presence of anything mine

In this,

It only feels right to guard you from afar,
As I know that the angels will not allow my sin to reach you, 
I know this much to be true

And yet,
Yet I feel compelled to reach for your hand
That gentle hand of yours
That commands my shameful being to live

Copyright © Siggy Joy