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A Great Confusion

Is, it, to be called classi?cation?
Or is it a destruction of paci?cation ?
Or are humans still to undergo humanization ?
In which being humane is considered main quali?cation
Which is not being achieved due to illusional mesmerization,
Should we call it misconception ?
Or is it a fanatic deviation? 
Caused by the adherents of delusion 
Or is it the fault of rationalists misapprehension 
Of the necessity of categorization 
Among blacks and whites, religious types, castes and tribes 
Which should not be considered manipulation? 
Showing the proofs of  existences alone as justi?cation 
Leaving behind the unanswered question 
Questioning Noah’s and Satyavratan’s relation,
To perform same duty with devotion!
Is it just a coincidental conjunction ?
And are all coincidences among all religions
Are just caused due to accidental notions?
Oh, what is this God’s or Gods creation
Leaving us with great confusion
Not able to understand whether it is misconception of classi?cation 
Or misapprehension of religion
Which only discusses love and devotion but not destruction.

Copyright © Vogeti Venkata Rama Rushi