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Too Much Frosting

Romance me with a cup of coffee
A sandwich of grilled cheese
I don’t need glitz and glam
I wear coveralls with worn knees
My hands are rough and cracked
A danger to fine cloth
Dress in denim and cotton
To me, that is fine enough
I have one blue suit
I wear it twice a year
Bib overalls are just 
part of my work gear
Dad was not around very long
Exited when my Mother 
put me to sleep
 with a song 
My mother and I lived plain
Ate potatoes that we grew
I don’t need a servant
Or someone to 
keep the sofa warm
I need a woman 
even without a perm
And we will be together
until age takes one of us away

Will you take a chance on me?
I’ll take a chance on you
Our proof that we are 
right for each other
will be verified 
when we hold hands.
As one of us breathes 
our last breath
and is buried in the land.

Copyright © Kieran Pavlick