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Looking For Purple

How does one interpret,
Everyday moments

We all want clarity and forthrightness,
So why the discombobulated torment

Of words that distort the facts,
Untruthful twisted personal attacks

The world is a grand stage,
Where reputations can be made

Or lost,
By words tossed

Without validity,
Or connection to reality

Yet the guilty play the victim,
For others truth is the conviction 

Or is incarceration their demand,
For the one in command

Tragically demeaning opinions,
Only further divisions

Where red and blue,
Have divergent views 

About black and brown,
And the color of their town

Political power seeks to secede,
Caretaking what people and the environment need

For all that was inclusive,
Destruction is their motive

Targeting personal freedoms,
Empowered by hypocritical Christians 

Exclusionary and perverse,
Because of a bible verse

Tolerance only for that which is white,
In America that’s not right

Change only happens if parties can agree,
 I am wondering what our future will be. 

Copyright © christopher rowland