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He Was Here Today Promised Pie in the Sky
But We’ll Soon Discover its  Just Another Lie
They’ll Say Anything That to Them Is a plus
But Once They Are in They  Make Fools  of Us
They Need Our Vote to Get Elected
First Order of Business Get re Elected
They Don’t Need Our Money for Their Campaign
They Get it from Those Who Have Plenty to Gain

A Freshman Representative from Any State
May Have Intentions That to Him Are Great
But When the Established Seniors Get His Ear
They’ll Guide and Instruct and Make it Clear
That When He Needs Help or Financial Aid
He Wont Qualify Til He Joins the Parade
The Parade of Voting for Unworthy Pork
These Projects Are like Eating Soup with a Fork

The Laws They Pass Affect You and Me
But They’re Exempt,  Their Perks Are Free
I Question, Why We Give Billions Foreign Aid
To Tyrants and Despots , Makes Me Afraid
That Some of Those Funds May Surely Bounce
From the Tyrants Hands to Secret Accounts

They Pass out Flyers at County Fairs
After Two Terms They’ve Become Millionaires
If Things Get Dull and Their Attention Slips 
They Plan Exotic  Fact Finding Trips
Those Trips Would  Cost a Fortune for You and Me
The Trips Are on Us and to Them Totally Free


They Come Home and Host a Town Meeting
Take a Good Look at the Front Row Seating
But the Best of All Is a Fund Raising Event
Where the Affluent Givers Use Money Well Spent
Backing a Candidate Is  a System Well Tested
It Yields Great Returns on the  Money Invested
Once They’re Established with One Term or Two
 Hard to Unseat Them the  Vested Interest Is Glue

These Are Best Described as Serial Politicians
The Facts or a Lie Is Part of Their Rendition
They Support  Their Lives at the Public’ S Expense
Taking Firm Positions on Both Sides of the Fence
They Have Little to Fear Protected by All
But If They Err and Cause Protection to Fall
Their Own Will Reject Them from Left and Right
None of Them Want to Be in  the Public Spotlight
If He Is Found Guilty  after Numerous Trials
You Will Find His Successor Fully Prepped in the Aisles 

Copyright © John Arribas