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Learning from Great Aunt Ruth

She opened her cantankerous mouth and out came the truth
There was nothing not honest about my clever Aunt Ruth
The whats-its and fruts-its were scared of her though.
Especially terrified that she was way off in the know.

She would not hesitate to give her opinions on zebras and milk.
Her ideas were her own, and they did not come out smooth as silk.
She was a big believer in herself, no matter what the whats-its said.
Fruts-its were terrified of her; she had somehow stunned one of them dead.

I said Great Aunt Ruth, why do you always say what you mean?
Why ever would you ask such a silly thing, my nephew, kidney bean?
I mean, what if you offend people, marching your mouth off that way?
It’s me I have to please she told me. I need to be happy at the end of day.

So I followed her around and watched the other relatives look pleased.
They loved it that she confused others. Some cried, bawled, hid, and sneezed.
You either love her or hate her, but she always lives her own fabulous truth!
You have to love someone as self-confident and loud as your lovely Aunt Ruth!

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger