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they recreated the virus to find what would naturally destroy it
research had shown that re-evaluating what existed to find
what might exist could
allow us a greater understanding of the virus.
from mutating and regenerating
to overpower any cure or remedy we might find or create.
it must be sustainable
it must rejuvenate
it must destroy what is currently infectious
and it must allow the body
to rebuild it's own immunity against those parts of
the virus which might remain
in the body.
when the host rejects the present company
it will demand to be strengthened
all systems that have been contacted by such alien presence
must have the opportunity to restore it's self.
these nutrients are to strengthen and not undermine what the body is trying to achieve
if the body is in restoration and protecting itself from the complications of being
exposed to the infections of the virus.
nav slirtatious swine-oh fibbia
bovinia symptoms
extractions of stemious cellulous, 
extractious stemious symptous.
wild anminalious, game and tamed beast.
cure us oh lord, cure us.
the spread of futail seize.
  COR                                        NAV                               VIRUS
headaches and trouble breathing, runny nose, cough or sore throat
does adstemious find extraction, to spread from man to man
what breaths are from infections
that come from Wuhan.
cured ye swine, cure ye beef,                                                    NAV
cook through and through
wash your hands and wear masks
to keep the virus from you!

Copyright © Allan Terry