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Here we go again

Here we go again

Here we go again

The question of feelings confusion

No one thought something begins

May star brightens the day

Felt the need of “come what may”

Why do I feel this again?

Does familiar air persist again?

Makes my heart beats begin.

Oh! Let’s things be awaken

or let love not be forbidden


I’ve tried to stop this

As the time passes

But each denial creates

roots of it are growing

How come?

His smiles makes my heart shines

Shut myself from realities


Should I regret after saying no?

When you said, “I miss you”

And the silence respond

when you said, “ I love you”

Or should I applaud myself

for forbidding self-invasion

Rewarding for avoiding possible commotion

Until you’re out of reach,

neglecting and rejecting

Copyright © Lyka Mae Malanguis