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What are the soul suckers
 that forcibly cleave to you
What do they mean to you
Why do you let them steal from you
How many more times 
will they make a meal of you

Is it television 
or Harlequin Romance books
Perhaps it’s gambling on your looks
Maybe it’s wealth or obsessive health
that has attached its hooks  

Anything that prevents you
from being who you really are
That obsession with driving the right car
or drinking beer with buddies at the bar
All the right pretend stuff won’t get you far
Those thin sticky things
never point you to the True North Star 

That empty feeling
the loneliness quake
all it does is take take take
Can’t you feel your soul shake
Do you wonder about decisions you make
You were born for far more
soul suckers won’t relieve your heart ache
Choose substance not fake
dive into a different lake
Open your closed eyes friend
Don’t be deceived by the snake
He steals your power
and doesn’t want you to wake


Copyright © Richard Lamoureux