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WHY some poems are a cut above the rest

Aureate prose and poetry are quite often repulsive,
but an above-average vocabulary can be persuasive. 
Content, more important than labels, that spins on looms 
deep, thought-provoking poetry that eternally blooms.
Evocative language that hankers to an idyllic past;
flow of text that makes an impression that often lasts.
Grammar rules adhered to and the spelling precise; 
high energy prose that wants me to read the poem twice.
Imagery well defined transporting me on a journey
juxtaposed with tantalizing realms, but never corny. 
Kicking over the traces and not flinching when 
language treated as an art form with an aurum pen.
Metaphor used to be transparent and never to be obscure;
no ambiguities of puns which we as readers have to endure.
Originality – no plagiarism – goes without saying;
poetic license, within limits, can be quite satisfying.
Quest for illumination of issues which are often moot.
Rhythm and sound have primacy over meaning to boot.
Sensitive treatment of the subject matter will always win.
Title that grabs my attention, but never use a MacGuffin.
Unusual perspective on a topic, but not a lot of baloney.
Voice of the poet that clearly shines through cacophony --
Winged inspiration which soars without fear or favour.
X-rated and risque offerings I definitely won't devour.
Yammering critics like an ostentation of peacocks, and
Zealotry that rankles, leave a taste in my mouth of sand.


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Copyright © Suzette Richards