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Father, I Salute You for Your:

Affirmation of God’s presence thru your fatherly ways
Best to bring out the utmost from me by the Lord’s grace
Care with courage-cheerfulness midst crises’ rays
Dedication to do your duties’ demands despite dismays…

Empowerment exposed along your earnest encouragement
Fortitude fueled with your faith for family-roles’ fulfillment
Guidance governed by your guarding commitment
Hope held upon your heavenly investment…

Influential impact thru your Scripture-instruction
Joyful spirit along your redemption-jubilation
Knowledgeable home-building skills with kindness’ action
Loving leadership with your loyal dedication…

Maneuvering means thru your reliance on God’s might
Nourishing nurture toward my maturity-height 
Overwhelming opportunities to choose what’s right
Propelling purposefulness along your prayer-plight…

Quietness to silence my qualms and anxiety
Readiness to attend to my needs midst scarcity
Steadfastness to settle my doubts with truth’s veracity
Trustworthiness to guard my heart against insecurity
Uprightness to straighten my attitudes from impurity…

Victorious negotiations vanquishing tantrums’ plunges
Wise discipline in dealing with me for fruitful changes
‘Xcellent expertise in handling health issue dosages
Yielded submission to the Lord in controlling pride’s rages
Zealous diligence in pursuing achievement-surges!

Dad, Happy Father's Day!  I love you.  I really thank 
God for you.

June 16, 2018

Copyright © Beata Agustin