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Captured In Raven's Realm Before Poe Found It, Part One

Captured In Raven's Realm Before Poe Found It,
Part One ( Predecessor that later spawned the series titled, 
"Darkness Where Now Poe And Raven Reside")

He that invaded my realm, broke my trusty pen
was a beast of Darkness, en-slaver of brave men
titan of cruelty, author of my defeat
sent forth by Raven, to this despondent heart eat.
With soft whisper, set a glass-splinter in mine eye
vowing greater pain until I would beg to die!

It spoke to Raven, while under its claw I rest,
punishing this poet fool, I do with great zest
Master, he has no power with his pen now broke
you told me he was brave, I see only a joke.
Pray tell, what weapon send him, to give him a chance
perhaps golden shoes so in defeat he may dance!

Raven unseen, sent down most devilish command
find his lover, torture her, cut off her right hand
make him watch, while chained to evil's first heartbreak stone
leave him begging to die in that dark pit alone.
I order you, do as your dark master decrees
gift regrets, make his despair live eternities!

Agony, then a sound gave some bit of relief
for it whispered, I am freed from my great grief
hold on, as I plow the dark to come to your aid
for your friendship, remember the vow I once made.
Know this truth, my verse lives on- my pen is my blade
Annabel sends Raven, her ruby cloak as trade!

In shock, aching brain knew this must be Master Poe
for none other would such brave, valiant courage show
and his dear Annabel sent her prized ruby cloak
for its mighty magic could any love-fire stoke.
But why would Raven above all, it now desire
does not Raven ever, from its vengeance tire?

Robert J. Lindley, 
Rhyme, ( Into Dark Glass A Ray Of Light Once Fell )
Part One ( Predecessor series that later spawned series titled, 
"Darkness Where Now Poe And Raven Reside")
this is where Poe first meets Raven..

"The tapestry was worn and torn
but its welcome was deep enough
within castle walls, a life born
its first cry, a growl and a gruff,"

Copyright © Robert Lindley