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For My Sixtieth Birthday

(A Pastoral Sonnet-Ghazal)

How I always dreaded the end, much liked to perpetuate
My thirst for you in sweetest hope, and rejoiced to stay and wait!
Life was the wish to get to you—the longed-for vital water
Once reached and drunk, my long journey would afterwards terminate.

And now you come at the right time from the spring with a pitcher!
My ureters and urethra are almost blocked, my prostate
Is inflamed, too, due to the cold of this freezing, bleak dungeon.
Welcome, long since awaited love, at last to allay my weight!

So dilapidated and wrecked, alacritous to depart,
I’m thankful for you, O sole truth, showing up thus at the gate
To prove there is a cherished soul among the two-leggèd beasts
That smear the earth, pursue evil, are the seeds of lies and hate.

I did not wait these sixty years in vain for you who, though late,
Come to close my heavy eyelids by the decree of our fate.


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