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One Day at a Time

Why can I not write?
I am overwhelmed	
By the minutiae of everyday life!
Dawn comes, and I awake, but no!
I pull the covers over my head
And close my eyes tightly
Against the coming day.
I am not ready yet!
When I can avoid it no longer
I sit up and dress, reluctantly, 
Take the dog out, bring
Him in and feed him, 
Give him fresh water. 
Give him his pills and
Spray his poor shaven rat tail
With anti-itch lotion, 
(He has a hot spot!)
And put some ointment on it.
I fix some breakfast,
Wash it down with yesterday’s coffee.
Take the cats some fresh water,
Get them their breakfast,
And clean the litter,
Wipe Sweetie Pie’s eyes
And put drops in them. 
I’ll comb out both Sophie
And Sweetie Pie later on.
I make my bed and 
Clean up the dishes,
Get out my big green backpack 
And put Doug’s clean clothes in it.
Oops! I forgot to start the laundry
I brought home yesterday!
It’s already 10:30, and I
Have to leave by five to eleven!
Spray on the sun lotion, 
Check that I have my Patriot ferry 
Pass and the SPF 50 lip balm 
Doug asked me to get.
It’s hot and humid, but I trudge
Twenty minutes to the ferry
For the half-hour boat ride
That I actually enjoy!
Just me, the water, sun and breeze
For 30 minutes of quiet 
For my not-so-peaceful mind.
Three hours to have lunch with Doug,
Bring him up-to-date with
All the news of friends and family, 
Watch him in physical therapy 
And learn what I will have to do 
In a few weeks when he gets home!
Back to the van, back to the Patriot ferry, 
And another brief time for myself.
I walk home, hot and tired.
Take Andy out, finish the laundry 
And hang it out on the line.
I think it won’t rain tonight. 
Run to the store for some
Necessities, cat food in particular,
Check the e-mail, answer some notes, 
Water the parched garden
Take Andy for a walk, and
Then feed him his dinner.
Time for MY dinner, but what?
Let’s see. I sauté a couple of
Chicken tenders in the small pan,
Slice up a whole tomato, 
Add some cantaloupe and cottage cheese, 
Eat some of it and fall asleep
In the chair in front of the 
Fan on its highest setting.
I wake up with a start and make
Myself get up and clean up the kitchen,
Afterwards, I watch a couple 
Of mindless television shows
While I make mental lists 
Of what I have to do tomorrow. 

Copyright © Barbara Peckham