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The Next Chapter

Here I am sitting in the park again
Sapping the sweat from my face
My Spirit is at ease and mind is settled
The tumultuous moment has passed
And you have finally come out of the dark
The stage is set and I have won the final bet
Here I am sitting in the park again
Looking into the next chapter of the game
The leafs are spinning in the book
And I am looking for something delicious to cook
 A bowl of creamed mushroom soup 
with crushed parsley on top
Toad in hole, roasted lamb with lasagna 
And baked potato stuffed with honey ham
Nice fresh juicy vegetable on the side
And pecan pie to wet my appetite
I don’t have a big appetite but I am delighted 
When others have a full course meal
And sit quietly at the dinner table if they are able
Here I am sitting in the park absorbing smell of food
Smoke is going up in the air
 Jerk chicken aroma is spreading everywhere, 
Big robust Jamaican men
With muscles that is hard to bend 
chop up the chicken in pieces
and serve the people in the street
I would love to see them get in order
When the new development is in place
I have an appetite for fine cuisine
And I adore fine restaurant 
I like the smell of fresh homemade wine too
Pimento wine, pineapple wine,
Cinnamon wine, apple wine 
and passion fruit wine
And you can even make wine from
from a combination of fruit juice
I just long to be in a big kitchen 
Where I can experiment with everything
I will bake and I will cook and I will
Make and deliver my homemade to the schools
Orphanage and old people’s home
I am not really hungry because I have trained myself
Not to feel hunger but when I smell something good
I have to write it in the next chapter of my book
The social clubs, the dinner engagement 
The private dance with breakfast on the lawn
A get together with old and new friends
And the final date that will lead you to the altar
It is Tuesday afternoon and I am sitting in the park
Thinking about the next chapter 
The day is clean my spirit is free
And the sky with its bright golden cloud
 is dancing above me.

Copyright © Christine Phillips