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You're The Only One I Want

We have that moment in our life
where love comes down into one's heart
the desire from deep within explodes
hits one there pierces like a love dart

Kathleen and Joe were so apart
in real life but electronically so close
the electrodes caused a real spark
when the web lines smelled their nose

Memories come flooding back here
to days when they were no email
snail mail as it's labelled nowadays
the stamp took us wings to sail

One year before meeting face to face
Christine and I by letters to exchange
so much one can learn by our pen
it made us feel at home on our range

You're the only one I want
both our feelings did unite
like Joe and Kathleen on film
our love is still up in the light

( This is loosely based on the movie 'You've Got Mail' as my wife Christine and shared same mail exchange as Joe (Tom Hanks) and Kathleen (Meg Ryan) but not email but by normal snail mail and so still together after 29 years. )

Copyright © Gordon McConnell