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Stray Dog Roamin'

          Stray dog roamin', the sad sight of you 
     breaks my heart in two. I see that you're lost, 
  scared, disheveled and emaciated. You need food!

     You wander from street to street, town to town
     aimlessly; your travels fraught with grave peril.
    If you jumped the backyard fence and ran away...

     please wander back home. Your family must be    
    distraught and looking for you! Why did you flee?
   Or were you abandoned in the middle of nowhere?

        Whoa! Danger! Danger! Danger! Steer clear
    of busy highways! Do not cross. Please turn back
            Don't run from me; let me rescue you!

           Where do you go when winds howl in  
      bone-chillingly cold nights? In my mind's eye,
     you're trembling as you whimper in discomfort

        As you bare the brunt of the harsh elements, 
         the sword of damocles hangs over your neck 
   like a leash, and death casts its shadow from above

     Beware! Don't wander into roads with busy traffic! 
 Watch out for cars whizzing by! The likelihood of a fatal 
      accident is extremely high! If only you'd realize ...

          how unsafe you are roaming these streets!
     Danger lurks everywhere your four legs take you!
         Poor thing, don't be afraid. Let me save you!

Submitted for...
Warning Poetry Contest 
Sponsored by: Richard Lamoureux
Date written: 02/27/2020

Copyright © Edward Ibeh