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When Beauty Blooms

My flower garden soundly sleeps 
Beneath a heap of winter snows, 
And I lay snug under the quilts, 
Too tired and sore to wiggle toes. 

But this is March, and spring is near. 
She'll flush us out among the frost. 
Her sun will warm the squeaking gate 
That sings to seeds I'll gladly toss. 

The month of April soaks the earth, 
While May will coax the tiny shoots. 
The birds and I will scrape off mud 
That decorates our rubber boots. 

Then we'll applaud when tulips tilt 
Triumphantly on sturdy stems. 
And far below, the pansies push 
These extraordinary gems. 

When beauty blooms in every nook, 
And dawns of June are filled with dew, 
I will remember winter's face, 
Contented that I made it through.

Copyright © Kim McAdam