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Lu Loo Written by: Lu Loo  Send Soup Mail  Premium Member
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our dalliance has ended

i shall never be able to forget our affection
was deep as first love, and wild as all regret-
crimson and medallion encompass my soul;
‘neath the autumn moon i still etch your silhouette

sincerity arrived and remorse soon followed,
for i needed compassion, someone to console-
i put away my lace to replace what was before,
now my poor essence shallow, my heart hollowed

o’er the mount of forgiveness is where i wish to be,
never saving a love that washes up a reverie shore-
o, if only my sweet, we could make one more connection,
maybe you would be you- and… i would be me

i shall always be frail in ways never comprehended,
must cease this pain so that i may be apprehended- 
our passion could have been incredibly splendid, 
all love suspended... as our dalliance has ended

2. Deep as first love, and wild as all regret - Alfred Lord Tennyson

Date: 2.25.20

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