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Connections We are links in The Machine We are the virus spreading each weak application generated internally stored souls captive here in the Great In-Between We carry within a programmed instruction, we are simply software processed by a Central Processing Unit it sits commanding fixated like a King at the Heart of the Machine Ready to switch on Ready to switch off Our circuits riddled for the strangest results We are the virus waiting to bloom out of compartments electric we spread Green lights genetics read We pulse to a unified beat Kiss light out of the Womb held upside down gingerly by our feet a rush to the head a slap to entreat a new breath a new language to speak Infectious Contagious waiting to bloom we are the new ghosts of a virus waiting exchange to a new room We are software processed by a Central Processing Unit it sits like a King silently evaluating it sits still and serene pulsing likeness never seen Light and dark bytes In the Heart of the Machine (LadyLabyrinth / 2020)
"Crow" / Forest Swords

Copyright © Lady Labyrinth