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A paradise on earth..
So beautiful like
the rose petals and
Mesmerising as rain.

It's the healing force,
Soothing voice & 
A wonderland in itself.

Gives whatever it has,
Never asks anything in return.
Is that why we call her ~•Mother Nature•~ ?

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A long journey,
that's never ending..
It will continue & go on,
for the miracles of creation,
is it's treasure.

The vast ocean,
has left it's? footprints
in my heart as the wind
wiped my tears away & 
waves wetted the sand on shore.

It's a cloudy day,
Across the bay..
I gazed at the sky,
Not knowing why..
Awestruck by wonder.

The forest was like home,
& shed light to my path..
to trace by and rest,
in it's beautiful nest.

Echoes reached the mountains..
Green patches filled my eyes.
Scent of daffodils on the hill,
Dew drops on window sill.

Nature.. our healer and teacher.
To eternity & beyond!

Copyright © Divya Bilumadi Chandrappa