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Cork The Hole

Cork The Hole! " Luv's-A-Leakin " What does God see, what does He think? Where will man, his value, place? Will it be in this physical birdhouse, or in the crafter's smiling face? And what if this birdhouse should become part of your home's decor. With It's aroma of wood, glue, or paint, but wait, there's yet much more. It all began as a labor of love, conceivably crafted by future Church leaders. Perhaps, from among them will come Missionaries, Pastors, Deacons, or Church greeters. Crafted by small, yet unskilled, hands, each accomplishing a given task. And as recipients, you were chosen, you bargained not, nor dared you ask. As you enjoy your priceless birdhouse Think Vacation Bible School, 2001. Recall adults, sharing their faith in God, while making this undertaking fun. While actual birds may never opt, in your Birdhouse to abide. You will surely need a cork, to keep It's contents secure inside.

Copyright © Tom Wright