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Ocean Waves

I confronted the ocean, 
the moon hanging low. 
I scowled at the sea, 
the Breeze processing below. 
The calming hints of the ocean welcome me. 
The ocean breeze quieted the trees to rest. 
Also, it exquisitely drew my sleep before dawn. 
The terrible dew seemed to stick around. 
The roar of the waves rose, 
showing Pine Tree State love. 
My heartbeat seems to be sharp, 
and that I relish smelling the sea. 
If my lips shift to wet with dew, 
My face is loaded up with bliss. 
It resembles the universe of blue mist blending. 
Light-Haired young woman Scented Wear 
It resembles a white wedding dress. 
She, at last, found a darling. 
Sparrows tell from its casing of reference. 
I murmured at the water, as well. 
In a doomed, confusing dream 
Concur with all little bit of it, 
within the focus of adoration...
I detected the death of the evil. 
Tune in the latches. 
She commends me, as well: 
The Illusion is Runs Down. 
Ecstatic waves threw the crowd on the love rhyme. 
Kindly do no matter what it returns, not pivot. 
She aforesaid Your breath ought to not fall; 
send your waves within the blue of the sky. 
Similar to ocean birds, 
the ringings your full breath. 
Flavored with the smell of the ocean 
Indeed, even to accept the ample space. 
during this meeting, Combine these layers as one, 
Of white fogs and blue beams, 
It's a splendid light, as well, 
The Savage of Youth Considers the sea, 
Accept joy in a rattling event, 
With him or excluding riding his extreme aversion. 
Be a craftsman or a writer; however, 
on the other side, a darling, 
don't relinquish Until Death. 
Or, on the opposite hand, 
the expert of a ship mariner. 
He's not terrified of the dull.

Copyright © Lasaad Tayeb