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Sometimes I think i should try,
Should spread my wings and fly
Soar through a cloud as a spirit so free
With land  below, all the sights I see
Diving towards the earth below
Spread my wings out catching air causing me to slow
Leveling out and quickly shooting away barely  above ground
Wind whistling  as I flew a soul unbound
Over a lake I trail fingers through crystal clear waters so cold
Feeling freedom in untold
A slight shift of wings back up so high I flew
Wings soaring damp with the morning Dew
Catching up with an eagle, together we rode the updrafts so high
My whole being was one with the sky
Back through another cloud we flew just for luck
So high we went coming to float just briefly then the  wings we tuck
Falling back to earth trusting to luck
Closed my eyes free falling from the heavens I plunged gathering speed
Faster and faster I felt the need
Reaching for the feeling of fearlessly falling so free
Then catching an updraft I carelessly began barrel rolling across the sunlit sky
So full of the joy I did cry
Freedoms ultimate glory floating across skies so 
That eagle and I racing going going  cloud to cloud as if it were a thrilling game of hide and go seek
The eagle took a peek
Screeched his good bye he went on his way
Catching a jet wave I had spread out my wings just resting  in flight  
Saw cities so far below glistening from the morning light
Time catches up I feel so
No beautiful a sight did I ever see
Watching the  set of the days sun 
Just telling of the day now done
Announcing the arrival of night
With the coming of evening came the end of my glorious flight
Flying back across the evening sky 
Back across the the distance that I like to fly
across area I liked to play and roam
Across the empty sky to home
Back to my chair where always did sit alone
To quietly ponder all I was shown

Copyright © Pat Harris