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Topaz nose-ring on floral-brides,
Detached like a wise sage;
Touching and letting go, abides,
Toward gentle flow of breeze slides;
Though feels like bird in a gold cage,
Within, no tinge of rage…!

Dropped from up like tentative guest,
Toward heaven staring;
Yearning with eternal unrest,
Searching and not finding its nest;
Season's wrath modestly bearing,
Exists never erring…!

What does it tells the human race?
Is it to leave the earth?
Is it to trust on divine grace?
And to fix our gaze on his face...?
Is it to earnestly unearth,
The mystical rebirth...?

Whatsoever it might have meant,
When sun rushed so fast paced;
And rays wrapped with their golden tent,
The dewdrop felt its life got spent;
Heart in heavenly hands it placed,
Grand-finale it faced…!

25 June 2022
Dewdrops Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Angel L Villanueva

Copyright © Christuraj Alex