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Then and Now

A broken-hearted lady shuts her eyes
and summons forth sweet scenes from days long past.
She loved him so. His promises gave rise
to firm assurances their would last.
“But that was then and this is now!” she cries.

They’d planned to wed and have a family,
watch proudly as their kids met with success,
then age together peacefully. The key
to bliss was love. They’d claim their happiness.
But that was then, and this is now, you see.

She feels so old, though she’s just thirty-two.
She entertains no hopes that she will find
someone to share her life. She’s bid adieu
all thoughts of kids. THEN-dreams she’s left behind,
for this is NOW. She nurses her bleak view.


She feels so young as she walks down the aisle
at thirty-nine. There is no need to wait
to claim the life she’s dreamed about. Her smile
says, “This is now”; and it is not too late.
The blight of THEN has been gone for a while.

January 21, 2019, written for and entered in Silent One's That Was Then and This Is Now Contest

Copyright © Janice Canerdy