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The west window

I remember the valley rolled with thunder 
A section of tenors echoed from above 
The sky was shredded, by forked lightning 
Somehow that moment transcended love 

Static electric rose up through the cloisters
The organist played like a demon inspired 
Rooftop gargoyles overflowed with water
And eyes welled up, as if nature conspired 

Rivers were swollen, the lake was heavy 
A boy soprano, almost pierced the dome 
Landslides rumbled away in the distance 
High on ambivalence, I thought about Rome

The conductor was whipped into a frenzy 
Fitfully pointing his wand in the air 
As the tempest outside reached crescendo
Defiant altos, delivered a hymnal prayer 

Beyond the west window, storms fell silent 
Shafts of light, shone through from space 
Together the choir reached out in emotion 
As they swayed stoically, to Amazing Grace 

David Kavanagh 

Copyright © David Kavanagh