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I Trust In Thee

( I Trust In Thee )

Life sometimes gets scary, even the simpliest things in life
Somethings that come your way, may be as sharp as a knife
Its how you deal with them, to make the outcome alright
How your sleep is ventured, when you lay your head down at night

Many problems that are in front of you, are often left aside
Sometimes the circumstances, is because of ones pride
Intelligently you admit the blame, and tackle each twist
You go over the outcome, and each thing on the list

Some decide to heed the call, and act like ones sleeping
Others go full throttle, and dont care of ones weeping
Be persistant in deriving, and advocate ones condition
Dont be afraid to take the fall, in accepting your admission

Over all theres a deadline, thats brought to ones attention
Its how you deal with the obstacles, and the intending prevention
When your not able to do it, but you want to be set free
I give my problems to Jesus, cause I trust in thee

© Gregory Paul 12/09/2019

Copyright © Gregory Paul