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Words are only words til they are anchored to change

Words are only words til they are anchored to change,
Which shouldn't sound strange,
To those within range.

Mouthing just the words leaves lips still the same,
And feet unmoved,
With mountains waiting to be changed.

Change only happens when there is less of the same,
And more upping their game,
To enter the frame.

Deciding what to give up is a good start,
For change to become an art,
And for the heart to play its part.

So when your children join the climate change march,
Ask them if they will give up starch,
Or stop making an arch,
And stop drinking coke in plastic bottles for the whole March.

Only then will I believe the words coming out of their mouth,
As anything more than a cold wind from the south,
That pushes the ice more to the north,
And ask more disasters to come forth.

Copyright © David Smith