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Chapter 2 -- DAMIAN HAKIM: Ten years old Damian--Year 2011

Carter Hakim's family grew by two.
10 year old Damian lay asleep Saturday 
Early morning October 2011. His
6 years-old sister Manisha,  5 years-old 
Franky-Joe and 3 years-old  sister Salis
Busted into his room startling him
From his dreams. "Come on Damian!
Damian wake up! He was wide awake
Since baby sister Salis sat on him
And forced his eyelids open. Damian 
Sat up and Pushed her away. "Ugh!
Wha! No get out, get out!" He pushed
Them all out of the room and slammed
The door. Now Damian's siblings 
Were 14 years old Carter Junior Aka CJ
Julius 12 years-old Jackson 8 years-old 
Manisha 6 years-old Franky-Joe 
5 years-old and 3 years-old Salis 
And 8 months old baby Sidney.

Now Carter Hakim's net worth was
A modest $2.5 million due to some
Profitable stock investments and gifts 
From his father and  other relatives. The
Family were on their way to prosperity.
Carter Hakim thought as he leaned 
Back in his chair and smiled. His 
father had a networth of  $10.5
Million from generous land buying and 
Selling and a hotel ownership in 
Trinidad and Tobago. Dashim Hakim 
And his family net worth was more
Then $110 million. 
Carter Hakim was able to provide 
His Offspring with small assets.
From his stock revenue. 

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