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Probably Not Today

Some of my fears are warranted
some might be coming true
but I've coined a lovely catch-all phrase
to keep me from feeling blue...

“Probably not today” I say
as my health is in decline
I'll probably not fall dead today
just gripe, and groan, and whine.

“Probably not today” I claim
as I look inside my cupboard
I shouldn't starve to death today 
no, the thought is quite absurd!

“Probably not today” I state
as I think he loves me less
but he's not fallen out of love in a day-
no, it's needless, senseless stress...

“Probably not today” I judge
that my creditors won't be inclined
to seize, and freeze, and take away
all the things I consider mine.

“Probably not today, my dear”
I comfort myself by saying
the roof will hold another day
'though the shingles are decaying.

“Probably not today” I think
no, it's not as I had predicted-
although the rent's a few days behind
I probably won't be evicted.

“Probably not today” I chant
as the storms about me howl
I probably won't be blown away
'though the weather is quite foul.

“Probably not today” I add
as the list is growing so
that I hardly can keep track of all
my probable someday-woes.

“Probably not today” I fear
probably not, I guess...
I'll probably not stop thinking these things
'though it causes a terrible mess!

Copyright © Rhona McFerran