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Famous Short Poems

Famous Short Poems. Read and search thousands of the all-time best and most popular famous short poems by famous poets. You can search for famous short poems by poem length and keyword.

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hhh  Create an image from this poem
by Beppe Wolgers

by Mother Goose

by Elizabeth Jennings

by Muhammad Ali
Me — wheee!

by Derek Walcott
 The Sea Is History

by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
 HAND in hand! and lip to lip!

by A R Ammons
 One failure on
Top of another

Haiku  Create an image from this poem
by Jack Kerouac
 The taste
 of rain
—Why kneel?

A bee  Create an image from this poem
by Matsuo Basho
 A bee
staggers out
 of the peony.

by Louise Bogan
 At midnight tears
Run in your ears.

by Muhammad Ali
I float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

by Kobayashi Issa
 Napped half the day;
no one 
punished me!

by Yosa Buson
 Old well,
a fish leaps--
 dark sound.

by Kobayashi Issa
 In spring rain
a pretty girl

Haiku  Create an image from this poem
by Jack Kerouac
 Birds singing
 in the dark
—Rainy dawn.

by Yosa Buson
 Sparrow singing--
its tiny mouth

by Kobayashi Issa
 Not very anxious
to bloom,
my plum tree.

by Barry Tebb
 Too much gone wrong – 

No Muse, no song.

l(a  Create an image from this poem
by Edward Estlin (E E) Cummings





by Emily Dickinson
 Society for me my misery
Since Gift of Thee --

by Kobayashi Issa
 How much
are you enjying yourself,
tiger moth?

by Kobayashi Issa
 I'm going out,
flies, so relax,
make love.

by Yosa Buson
 Evening wind:
water laps
 the heron's legs.

by Richard Brautigan
 Forget love 
I want to die 
in your yellow hair

by Katharine Tynan
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