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Famous Short Poems

Famous Short Poems. Read and search thousands of the all-time best and most popular famous short poems by famous poets. You can search for famous short poems by poem length and keyword.

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hhh  Create an image from this poem
by Beppe Wolgers

by Mother Goose
by Elizabeth Jennings
by Muhammad Ali
Me — wheee!
by Derek Walcott
 The Sea Is History

by A R Ammons
 One failure on
Top of another
by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
 HAND in hand! and lip to lip!
Haiku  Create an image from this poem
by Jack Kerouac
 The taste
 of rain
—Why kneel?
A bee  Create an image from this poem
by Matsuo Basho
 A bee
staggers out
 of the peony.
by Louise Bogan
 At midnight tears
Run in your ears.
by Muhammad Ali
I float like a butterfly, sting like a bee
by Yosa Buson
 Old well,
a fish leaps--
 dark sound.
by Kobayashi Issa
 Napped half the day;
no one 
punished me!
by Kobayashi Issa
 In spring rain
a pretty girl
by Yosa Buson
 Sparrow singing--
its tiny mouth
Haiku  Create an image from this poem
by Jack Kerouac
 Birds singing
 in the dark
—Rainy dawn.
by Kobayashi Issa
 Not very anxious
to bloom,
my plum tree.
l(a  Create an image from this poem
by Edward Estlin (E E) Cummings




by Barry Tebb
 Too much gone wrong – 

No Muse, no song.
by Kobayashi Issa
 I'm going out,
flies, so relax,
make love.
by Kobayashi Issa
 How much
are you enjying yourself,
tiger moth?
by Emily Dickinson
 Society for me my misery
Since Gift of Thee --
by Richard Brautigan
 Forget love 
I want to die 
in your yellow hair
by Yosa Buson
 Evening wind:
water laps
 the heron's legs.
by Yosa Buson
 Blow of an ax,
pine scent,
the winter woods.